ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

Abstract: ZLG has been deeply engaged in embedded technology for 20 years, and has provided embedded solutions for many medical enterprise users, including common medical equipment such as gene amplification instruments, fluorescence immunoassay analyzers, specific protein analyzers, etc. This article introduces ZLG in vitro Various embedded solutions provided on diagnostic equipment.

The development of virus kits is inseparable from the analysis of genetic amplification instruments (PCR), fluorescence analyzers and other medical instruments. After the reagents are successfully developed, three types of nasopharyngeal swabs, sputum, and alveolar lavage fluid are needed for suspected patients. The sample is tested. The detection of the kit also requires corresponding instrument supporting work, including specific protein analyzers, handheld fluorescent analysis and other medical equipment. Under the needs of a wide range of detection groups, there will be a need for miniaturization of such equipment, and in the best case It is to realize handheld analysis and real-time inspection (PCOT).

ZLG’s mature application scheme has been widely used in such equipment and instruments. This article will introduce ZLG’s solution in equipment and instruments.

1. Gene Cycler

Gene amplification instrument (PCR) is actually a programmable control, rapid temperature change, and precise temperature control temperature cycler. It is mainly used for research on gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, because of its high sensitivity, The features of simple operation and time saving play a vital role in the acquisition of the whole genome sequence of the new coronavirus.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

The block diagram of the PCR system is roughly as follows, which mainly includes the Display communication control board, the control system main control board and the power supply. ZLG mainly provides the Cortex-A7 platform Display and control solution for the gene cycler-M6Y2C, the industrial control core board, and has passed strict EMC and high and low temperature tests to ensure that the core board is stable in a harsh environment to ensure the stability and reliability of the display.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

The series of platforms have the following advantages:

Equipped with industrial-grade large-capacity eMMC and TF card;

Abundant interface resources, including communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS-485, CAN, etc.;

It has a wealth of interface resources, including 8 UARTs, 2 isolated CAN-bus, 1 isolated RS-485, 1 USB Host and many other wired data communication interfaces.

2. Handheld/Desktop Fluorescence Analyzer

Fluorescence immunoassay analyzer is used for in vitro testing in hospitals. It mainly detects human serum/plasma/whole blood/urine samples to assist in the diagnosis of human myocardial injury, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, cardiovascular inflammation, and venous thromboembolism. , Routine inflammation, identification of bacterial/viral infection, early detection and treatment of diseases such as acute and chronic kidney disease.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

The fluorescence analyzer mainly includes two control platforms: PC computer and ARM master control.

ZLG provides a USBCAN acquisition card solution for the fluorescence analyzer PC computer platform, which is mainly used to realize the link between the PC and the fluorescence analyzer, perform data interaction, control and control the motor, light source, etc., as follows:

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

ZLG provides a series of solutions for the fluorescence analyzer ARM platform. After more than 20 years of embedded accumulation, ZLG has provided a stable and reliable Cortex-A7 solution, as shown below.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

The series of platforms have the following advantages:

Reserve abundant expansion interfaces;

Provide a choice of wireless solutions such as WIFI, 4G, ZigBee, etc., which can be expanded through MiniPcie according to the actual situation;

The core board structure is conducive to unify desktop and portable instruments to the same platform, the same set of bottom plates, saving development cycle;

Provides thoughtful technical support and detailed technical development materials to shorten the development and production cycle.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

Three, specific protein analyzer

The specific protein analyzer is mainly used to detect the specific protein concentration in serum, plasma and urine. The principle is based on the immunoturbidimetric method. From the structure, it is mainly divided into transmission turbidity and scattering turbidity. It can detect plasma, including plasma Or the concentration of specific proteins in samples such as serum, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid.

ZLG provides a Cortex-A9 platform master control solution for specific protein analyzers. The compact size meets the needs of miniaturization and portability of diagnostic equipment.

ZLG’s embedded solutions for in vitro diagnostic equipment

The series of platforms have the following advantages:

Rich interfaces, strong performance, more flexible design;

Rich multimedia interface, support camera, HDMI, LCD, LVDS interface, easy to realize image collection and media display;

Powerful encoding and decoding functions, integrated with powerful multimedia encoding and decoding functions such as 1080P video encoding and decoding.

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