What Is The Four Axis Machining Center?

Four-axis cnc machining center: when general steel parts are not accurately positioned in the indoor space, there are six playability, X, Y, Z three linear migration playability and A, B, C three rotational migration playability matched between them.The six playable properties are generally represented by X, Y, Z in cartesian cartesian coordinate system, and by A, B, C in matching arcs.For example, multi-axis CNC lathe, that is, CNC machining center in the design concept, must be based on the production and processing objectives of the overall planning to set the number of axis.On the market is more common three-axis CNC lathe machining management center, which has X, Y, Z three linear offset axis.The four axis CNC machining center is generally added a circular arc, commonly known as the fourth axis.The relative CNC machining center is that of the four axis CNC machining center.CNC professional product r & d four axis CNC machining center, must have four axis CNC machining center friends can establish relations with people.

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