Visteon to showcase next-generation automotive digital cockpit technology at CES 2020

Las Vegas, December 31, 2019 – Today’s car cockpits are rapidly transforming into fully digital displays, such as fully digital instrumentation and driver monitoring systems, thanks to curved polymorphic displays and central domain controllers. Visteon will showcase this series of technological solutions at CES 2020, aiming to improve driving safety and driving pleasure, and realize the digital cockpit revolution.

Visteon will demonstrate innovative cockpit electronics in four core areas:

Driver Information – Industry leading fully digital instrumentation and multi-Display module

SmartCore™ – The Industry’s First Cockpit Domain Controller

DriveCore™ – Enhanced Level 2+ Autonomous Driving Safety Domain Controller

Infotainment system – highly expandable Android on-screen entertainment system

Visteon has been a technical highlight of the CES exhibition (located in the central square, Hall 13) over the years. This year, Visteon will present a new high-brightness and high-contrast Display product for the first time. At the same time of cost, it has the rich advantages of OLED and LCD. Visteon will also introduce a flexible cockpit display that automatically bends around the driver in sport mode for an immersive experience for the driver, and a flat mode that allows front-seat passengers to view content on the display.

In addition, Visteon will present a demonstration of the integration of its driver monitoring system and infotainment platform with SmartCore™ and DriveCore™ domain controllers. These innovative cockpit technologies create an integrated human-machine interface (HMI) experience between the driver and the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to seamlessly activate specific autonomous safety functions, helping to move from Level 2+ autonomous driving to higher levels smooth transition to autonomous driving. Visteon’s innovative digital display products are designed to reassure drivers that when automatic safety features are activated, the vehicle will operate safely, and the vehicle will monitor the driver’s attention and behavior to improve driving safety.

“The automotive cockpit is evolving into a fully digital environment with multiple displays that can display driving environment information, vehicle dynamics information, safety information and connected multimedia information,” said Sachin Lawande, President and CEO of Visteon, adding: ” Achieving this transition will require the development of several new Modules to ensure safety and the driving experience. As a global leader in multi-display products and domain controller computing, we will be demonstrating the latest innovations at CES The solution responds to the trend of all-digital development.”

With the continuous development of auto-driving functions and the popularization of electric vehicles, the demand for safety will also bring new challenges and opportunities to the replacement of the cockpit Electronic technology architecture.

“We design every display, gauge and controller with the driver’s needs at the heart of it,” said Lawande. “Applying our innovative technology to the cockpit can help automakers address the challenges of safety standards. At the same time, provide drivers with a safer and more comfortable user experience to adapt to the future development of the autonomous vehicle market.”

Driver Information Products

  Visteon to showcase next-generation automotive digital cockpit technology at CES 2020

Digital cockpit displays are becoming larger, curved, and more versatile. Multiple displays are attached to the same layer of glass cover, so that the appearance of the entire system is closely matched, bringing a high-level touch. At CES, Visteon will showcase a range of innovative technologies, including naked-eye 3D displays with driver monitoring and displays featuring new breakthrough technologies that deliver high brightness, pure black color and Display characteristics such as high contrast.

Integrate connected infotainment solutions

  Visteon to showcase next-generation automotive digital cockpit technology at CES 2020

The Android infotainment system from Visteon is built for a seamless connected experience. One of its entry-level solutions is to provide users with a seamless experience between Android and iOS devices. In addition, Visteon also provides a voice assistant based on offline AI technology with natural language capabilities. The voice assistant works without a cloud connection and is intended for use while driving.

Industry-leading SmartCore™ Cockpit Domain Controller

  Visteon to showcase next-generation automotive digital cockpit technology at CES 2020

In 2018, Visteon launched the first-generation SmartCore™ cockpit domain controller on a mass-produced Model, the first in the industry. Today, the new generation of SmartCore™ enables seamless HMI connectivity across multiple display domains, including fully digital instrumentation, infotainment, rear-seat infotainment, surround-view cameras, and in-vehicle perception, including driver monitoring and facial recognition. With its powerful computing power, the upgraded SmartCore™ technology improves user experience while managing system costs, and provides efficient solutions to reduce vehicle weight and power consumption.

Upgraded DriveCore® Autopilot Controller


At CES, Visteon will demonstrate an upgraded version of DriveCore? technology. As an open and scalable platform, the upgraded DriveCore can be used for multiple levels of autonomous driving, with a focus on autonomous driving for L2+ vehicles. DriveCore™ consists of hardware, in-vehicle middleware and software based on PC environment, and supports sensor fusion and AI/machine learning algorithms for L2 autonomous driving.

Earlier this year, Visteon announced the DriveCore Studio™ development environment, and in 2020 Visteon will bring its latest update. DriveCore Studio™ allows developers to develop, test and validate autonomous driving algorithms using Microsoft’s large global intelligent cloud, the Microsoft Azure cloud. This new version allows developers to compare two autonomous driving algorithms simultaneously, helping to meet the computational demands of systems above Level 3.

2020 is Visteon’s 21st participation at CES, marking it as one of the longest-running exhibitors in the automotive industry.

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