Universal development board equipped with everything developers need

MikroElektronika (MIKROE) has launched FUSION for PIC v8, providing universal support for PIC, dsPIC, PIC24, PIC32 microcontrollers on one board. FUSION development boards are excellent for rapid prototyping and are furnished with everything engineers need for their latest project development.

Redesigned from the ground up, the device includes SiBRAIN sockets. SiBRAIN is the new universal standard for MCU cards facilitating great flexibility for embedded design. Five mikroBUS ‘Click’ peripheral board sockets are also located on the development boards, allowing users to try out over 1000 different peripherals. display board standard sockets also feature, giving a selection of four different sizes of TFT capacitive and resistive touch displays.

Uniquely, the boards also integrate CODEGRIP, the world’s first tool that aids debugging over Wi-Fi. Currently, this onboard USB-C debugger and programmer supports more than 1640 microcontrollers and facilitates development in hazardous environments or remote and inaccessible sites.

Comments Nebojsa Matic, CEO or MIKROE: “To save time for embedded engineers, MIKROE has created a variety of FUSION development boards for different microcontroller architectures so that developers can choose the product that is the perfect match for their design. FUSION for PIC v8 supports Microchip’s entire PIC MCU product range. Set-up and tuning are simple and intuitive, and boards are engineered to deliver an immersive project development experience that empowers designers to deliver outstanding results in the minimum time.”

The development boards are sturdy, compact and durable. Also incorporated is a power supply module that has been carefully devised to regulate, filter, and distribute power noise-free. A broad range of power sources are supported. Boards come with free, lifetime updates with new microcontrollers.

Author: Chris Na

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