TSMC will produce chips for Japan’s Renesas Electronics faster than the other party asks

On the morning of April 16, Beijing time, it was reported that according to NHK news, the factory of Japanese chip maker Renesas suffered a fire last month and production was affected. It outsourced some products to TSMC for production.

TSMC has agreed to requests from the Japanese government and Renesas to expedite shipments faster than the other party requested, the people said.

After the fire broke out on March 19, Renesas partially shut down its factory in Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo. Production will resume at the Renesas plant by next Monday, but shipments will take several months to reach pre-fire levels.

The global chip shortage, which was already serious, has made it worse, and automakers are worried. The question now is how much TSMC can alleviate the supply problem.

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