The world’s top ten chip manufacturers revenue ranking in the first quarter: TSMC ranks first

The supply of semiconductor production capacity is not in demand, and the biggest beneficiary is naturally the fab.

A few days ago, TrendForce Research showed that, thanks to the increasing demand for various end applications and strong stocking of various components, the foundry capacity has been in short supply since 2020, and various manufacturers have increased their wafer prices and adjusted them. product mix to ensure profit levels.

The data shows that the total output value of the top ten wafer foundries in the first quarter of 2021 still exceeded a single-quarter record high again, reaching US$22.75 billion, a quarterly increase of 1%.

In terms of revenue ranking, TSMC’s revenue in the first quarter ranked first in the world with US$12.90 billion, a quarterly increase of 2%, and its share further increased to 55%.

The main revenue contribution came from 7nm, which continued to grow steadily with orders from AMD, MediaTek and Qualcomm, and revenue increased by 23% quarter-on-quarter.

16/12nm benefited from the strong demand for MediaTek’s 5G RF transceiver (radio frequency transceiver) and Bitmain mining machine chips, and revenue increased by nearly 10% quarter-on-quarter.

However, 5nm, which is most concerned by the market, has been affected by the entry of the largest customer Apple into the production off-season, and its revenue has declined.

The world’s top ten chip manufacturers revenue ranking in the first quarter: TSMC ranks first

Samsung’s revenue in the first quarter was US$4.11 billion, down 2% quarter-on-quarter, mainly because the Line S2 in Austin, Texas was hit by a snowstorm in February and was shut down due to power outages. Production was not fully resumed until early April, and film production was suspended for nearly a month. As a result, it became one of the few foundries to experience a revenue decline in the first quarter.

TrendForce believes that the foundry industry will still be in short supply in the second quarter, and the average selling price will continue to rise, which is expected to boost the revenue performance of major players in the second quarter.

The reason is that in the first half of the year, there was no obvious capacity expansion, and the driving force of various parts and components was still strong, and the capacity utilization rate of each factory was generally maintained at full capacity. And governments of various countries intervene in the production schedule of automotive chips, which may expand the production capacity crowding out effect.

To sum up, the total output value of the top ten foundries in the second quarter is expected to hit a new high again in a single quarter, with a quarterly increase of 1-3%.

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