The superiority of CNC machining in Dongguan

The superiority of CNC machining in Dongguan

The superiority of Dongguan CNC machining in the processing of hardware parts. Under the background of modern consumption, the quality and quantity of traditional processed products can no longer meet the development needs of Dongguan processing customers. At this time, Dongguan CNC machining emerged. The presentation of Dongguan’s CNC processing technology has brought processing and manufacturing technology to a new level. So, what are the advantages of Dongguan CNC machining in terms of processing? Take a look at the analysis below.

Dongguan CNC machining has incomparable advantages in terms of speed and quality. Do you agree with this view?

1. In high-speed CNC machining operations, to achieve the purpose of improving the appearance quality of parts, only a smaller step distance is required. In the process of high-speed consumption, high-speed cutting stops high-speed machining of parts at a cutting speed about 10 times higher than the conventional cutting speed, which reduces the appearance of roughening of the product.

2. In the traditional cutting operation, due to the long operation time, the heat in the workpiece cannot be distributed, which causes the material texture to become soft and deformed. During high-speed machining, the cutting force is greatly reduced, and most of the cutting heat is distributed with the chips, so the deformation of the workpiece caused by the heat rarely occurs.

6. Dongguan CNC machining adopts high cutting speed and high feed speed, which increases the amount of metal materials processed per unit time and greatly reduces unnecessary raw material consumption.
From the above points, we can see the superiority of Dongguan CNC machining in processing. This is unmatched by traditional processing.