Strategies for Informationization of Precision Parts Processing

Strategies for Informationization of Precision Parts Processing

The informatization of enterprises in the precision parts processing industry in my country has always been a precedent for the informatization of enterprises in the country, which has promoted the development of the manufacturing industry and achieved certain results. However, in general, it is still far from the requirements of informatization to promote industrialization.

In recent years, the level of informatization construction of precision parts processing enterprises in my country is still at the stage of general transaction processing and simple information management. “Information islands” are serious, resources cannot be shared, lack of unified norms and standards, no unified coding, and comprehensive advantages in information construction Can’t play out. In order to improve the automation and rapid response capability of the enterprise’s production process, but the input-output ratio is ideal, it plays the best role.

In order to deal with the lack of understanding of informatization by precision parts processing enterprises, precision parts processing enterprises have begun to regard informatization as one of the most fundamental and thorough transformations. Instead of just taking enterprise informatization as a general technical measure, systematic planning for the development of informatization, multiple applications, informatization networking, and system integration; combining with other advanced manufacturing technologies and management technologies;


Deepen the application; focus on design, management, and process design; systematically cultivate talents who understand both enterprise technology and management and information technology; establish a reasonable working mechanism and organizational structure to change the traditional development organization based on professional division of labor form. Due to the integration of organizational structure and unified thinking and methods, the enterprise’s informatization and comprehensive development can be realized.

Author: Chris Na

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