SiFive and Samsung Foundry extend partnership

SiFive and Samsung Foundry extend partnership

SiFive and Samsung Foundry extend partnership

SiFive, a leader in RISC-V processors and silicon solutions, has announced the next phase of its relationship with the Samsung Foundry,by extending the partnership to accelerate the development of AI SoCs.

The extended partnership will help to accelerate the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning inference and training SoCs based on SiFive RISC-V processors and built using Samsung Foundry technology infrastructure.

The SiFive RISC-V AI SoC Development Platform combines SiFive RISC-V technology, high-speed peripherals, and multiple AI accelerator blocks. The collaborative effort was further customised with a customer-specific AI inference accelerator IP and an Open Compute Project Microsoft Zipline accelerator, resulting in an AI accelerator SoC tape out on Samsung 2nd generation 14LPP FinFET technology earlier this year. The ability to rapidly integrate additional IP to the SiFive RISC-V AI SoC Development Platform will enable customers to optimise workload processing with custom SoCs.

The AI accelerator SoC tape-out and inference IP integration utilized SEMIFIVE Platform SoC technology. SEMIFIVE is a pioneer of platform-based SoC design for the Samsung Foundry ecosystem. Featuring verified PCIe Gen. 4 connectivity and quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR4/4X interfaces, it provides off-the-shelf opportunities to develop custom hardware focused on the AI workload.

“Samsung Foundry is committed to building a rich and resilient ecosystem with our industry partners,” said Mijung Noh, VP of Foundry Design Service Team at Samsung Electronics. “We are pleased to work with SiFive to accelerate our customers’ AI / ML custom SoC design, illustrating the innovation potential we can achieve together.”

“Working in partnership with Samsung Foundry has accelerated SiFive’s ability to deliver our highly-efficient and configurable approach for SoC design and implementation,” said Dr. Yunsup Lee, CTO of SiFive. “We’re excited to continue to co-innovate with Samsung Foundry as we launch our latest SiFive Intelligence products to accelerate the development of next-generation AI SoCs with Samsung’s advanced process technology.”

Author: Chris Na

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