SEGGER’s emFile to cover PSoC 6

SEGGER’s emFile to cover PSoC 6

SEGGER’s emFile to cover PSoC 6

Cypress, a subsidiary of Infineon, has extended its licensing for SEGGER’s emFile embedded file system to its latest hardware platform PSoC 6.

The PSoC 6 provides a secure solution for IoT development while supporting multiple security environments without external storage. The Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) provides integrated hardware and software security features for IoT systems that require protection from cyber threats and hacking.

SEGGER’s emFile licensing has also been extended to include important Modules for the development of security-sensitive applications.

While the FAT file system including Long-File-Name (LFN) support and the SDCard driver was already part of the license agreement, it now includes the following modules: journaling (component that makes the file system layer fail-safe); encryption (of entire media or individual files); device drivers for NOR and NAND flash memory (fail-safe in case of unexpected reset, wear leveling, bad block management); and device drivers for IDE and CompactFlash (access to data on IDE hard disks and CompactFlash memory cards possible)

“Cypress has extended the existing licensing agreement for the latest PSoC 6 microcontroller and, in this context, for other important components providing safety and security,” said SEGGER’s CEO Ivo Geilenbrügge. “Cypress’ customers can now also use them free of charge in their embedded projects.”

Author: Chris Na

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