Renesas brings out R-Car SDK

Renesas brings out R-Car SDK

Renesas offers a special version of itsstudio for the R-Car V series that focuses on the creation of high-performance, real-time computer vision applications for ADAS and automated driving.

The open-source Eclipse-based development environment includes a full set of debug features and a GUI that allows users to easily customize and integrate third-party tools. It also supports bus monitoring and debug functionalities for image processing and deep learning subsystems.   Easy to Start, Easy to Access, Easy to Use, and Easy to Develop The new R-Car SDK also includes a full set of software samples, popular CNN networks, a workshop, and application notes, which makes it easier for Renesas R-Car platform newcomers to access the technology and enable a quick start for development. It is also an ideal platform for benchmarking Renesas products and select the most appropriate SoC for customers’ target application.   Thanks to the automatic installer, all the software libraries and the development environment can be launched quickly on a development workstation. Applications developed and designed on a PC can be seamlessly ported to embedded development hardware. Finally, Renesas’ R-Car partner ecosystem – the R-Car Consortium – will have access to the R-Car SDK for integration into their R-Car solution roadmap.   Customers can also combine the R-Car V series and SDK with Renesas’ high-performance, low-power RH850 microcontrollers and automotive power management products to further streamline hardware design efforts, reduce functional safety validation requirements, and reduce power consumption for smart cameras and other computer vision-based applications. For more information on Renesas automotive Winning Combinations, go to     Availability The R-Car SDK is available now. For more information, please visit:    

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