PCIM: 650V GaN FETs for 2kW ‘Titanium’ PSUs

PCIM: 650V GaN FETs for 2kW ‘Titanium’ PSUs

“With Rds(on) performance typically down to 35mΩ [Tj 25°C], the GaN fets target single-phase ac-dc and dc-dc industrial switched mode power supplies ranging from 2kW to 10kW, especially server and telecoms supplies that must meet 80 Plus Titanium efficiency regulations.

PCIM: 650V GaN FETs for 2kW ‘Titanium’ PSUsBranded as ‘H2’ and numbered GAN041-650WSB, they come in TO-247 and are cascode devices (left), where the internal GaN transistor die is partnered with a matched low-voltage silicon power fet in the same package to give the device the gate characteristics of a straight-forward silicon mosfet which “eliminates the need for complicated drivers”, said the company.

Gate drive is either 0 to +10V or 0 to +12V, and the gate can handle ±20V. Gate threshold is set high at +4V to improve gate bounce immunity. With a 10V drive, max Rds(on) is 41mΩ (Id 32A, Tj 25°C) or 98mΩ increased to 175°C;

“Titanium is the most demanding of the 80 Plus specifications, requiring >91% efficiency under full load and >96% at 50% load,” said Nexperia marketing director Dilder Chowdhury. “Nexperia’s new GaN fets are suited to a bridge-less totem-pole configuration.”

Applications are also foreseen in multi-kW solar inverters and servo drives.

The GAN041-650WSB product page is here, and the company also has a similar transistor in a 12 x 12mm surface-mount package.

The device will be on Nexperia’s virtual stand at PCIM Digital Days 3-7 May.

Author: Chris Na

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