PCB-mount common-mode chokes for 10 to 50A and 300Vac

PCB-mount common-mode chokes for 10 to 50A and 300Vac

For single-phase applications, DKIV-1 chokes are available with ferrite or nano-crystalline cores.

“Like all other aspects of electronic design, the power section is often-times built today using discrete components on printed circuit boards,” according to the company. “Traditional block filters might well address these challenges, but their larger package size also presents challenges due to the mentioned space constraints; therefore an asymmetrical effective common mode choke and capacitors mounted on the PCB is a better solution.”

The parts mount the toroid on edge to decrease footprint, although a cousin series (DKIH) is available that mounts the toroid horizontally to reduce mutual magnetic field interference in multi-stage filters.

DKIV-1 chokes comply with IEC 60938 and are certified for 10 to 50A, 300Vac according to IEC and UL, or the same currents to 250Vac according to CSA. They have ENEC and cURus approvals.

Operation is over -40 to +100°C.

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