New DIN-rail power supply featuring integrated LED display

PULS Power has released its latest addition to the CP20 series of high efficiency and compact 24V, 20A 1-phase DIN-Rail power supplies. The new CP20.248 extends its portfolio by adding a power supply with an integrated display. The LED display indicates a reliable and inexpensive condition monitoring feature that can be integrated into virtually any system enabling users to benefit instantly from faster fault diagnosis and increased system availability.

The Display presents important status information about the power supply for commissioning and maintenance and can display real-time information and recorded data. The real-time data provided by the device incorporates the input and output voltage, output current, operating hours and temperature inside the device. The recorded data provides users insight into the number of transients on the input side and minimum and maximum voltage and temperature values, and more. This information can assist the system engineer to optimise a complete application in terms of reliability and to identify the origin of faults or errors more efficiently. The display and data storage have an independent power source, assuring that all the information is still available, even if the power supply fails.

For remote status monitoring, two Relay contacts for DC-OK and alarm signals are provided. Two extra inputs allow the power supply to be put into an energy-saving standby mode utilising the remote ON/OFF function, and automatic load sharing in parallel operation for greater power output can be realised. Parallel operation assures an optimised temperature balance between the connected power supplies, increasing the service life of the devices.

All versions share the same compact housing with dimensions of 48mm x 124mm x 127mm (WxHxD), which includes the space needed for the integrated display. This is made feasible by very high efficiency of 95.6%. As a result of the low power losses, less heat is generated in the housing and the clearance and creepage distances can be reduced.

The PULS CP20has an operating temperature range from -25C to +70C, 50% extra output power for up to 5s, has full international safety agency approvals and a three-year warranty.

Applications for the device include industrial systems and machine building, SMART buildings and factories, Industry 4.0, security and CCTV, instrumentation and measuring systems.

Marco van der Linden, UK country manager for PULS Power, comments: “The display on our new CP20 20A DIN-Rail power supply provides Panel builders, system designers and integrators with a unique system monitoring tool without having to find extra space to add additional measuring or monitoring equipment to a system. Secure power for the data store ensures all measurements are available in the event of a system failure. A further Model in the series, a 24V, 10A version, will also be available soon.”