NEC to be systems integrator for disaggregated networks

NEC will take the role of a system integrator within the OOPT Project Group and the Phoenix initiative to realize a fully disaggregated architecture.
NEC to be systems integrator for disaggregated networks
Optical transmission systems are used in backhauls that connect
telecommunications carriers’ base stations with core communication networks.

By separating hardware and software in optical transmission systems, it is possible to combine a wide variety of hardware and open source software depending on the application, enabling
carriers to achieve flexible and optimal transmission systems.

NEC has been actively promoting the O-RAN+field, and by participating in this project, it will also promote openness in the
optical transmission area and contribute to the acceleration of innovation in this area.

While open optical transmission enables flexible system configuration at an optimal cost, it also needs contributions from system integrators with experience in realizing highly reliable networks.

This is because open optical transmission requires guaranteed functionality and performance in multi-vendor environments,
and advanced operation.

Through its participation in this initiative, NEC will make efforts to opencoptical transmission by leveraging both its experience in supporting commercial O-RAN with eco-system partners and in provision of carrier-grade optical transport networks.

Author: Chris Na

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