LG Electronics | Supplying P-OLED Display Digital Cockpit to Cadillac for the first time


LG Electronics | Supplying P-OLED Display Digital Cockpit to Cadillac for the first time

According to the Seoul Economic Report of the Korean media, P-OLED is different from LCD, which was mainly used in automotive displays before. It can be freely bent and has a large viewing angle. It is expected that the demand for high-end vehicles will grow rapidly. LG Electronics and LG Display have already selected automotive P-OLED Display as a future growth business to seize market opportunities.

LG Electronics announced on the 6th that it will supply the DigitalCookpit system to Cadillac’s new 2021 Cadillac large SUV. The DigitalCookpit consists of an ultra-high-definition P-OLED display from LG Display and an integrated infotainment system developed in-house by LG Electronics.

Its form is composed of a 38-inch P-OLED display instrument Panel, 2 infotainment displays, and a total of 3 screens combined into one. The resolution can reach more than 4K, and the visual recognition performance is excellent. It is characterized in that it does not need a backlight, can be designed into various forms, and has a wide viewing angle. For in-vehicle displays, the wide viewing angle helps the driver to quickly confirm the required information.

The integrated infotainment system consists of instrument panel, AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation), rear seat infotainment system (RSI), etc.

The rear-seat infotainment system consisting of two 12.6-inch screens can share information with the left and right passengers in the rear seat, and can also be connected to external devices such as smartphones and notebooks. At the same time, LG Electronics has also developed its own software for implementing the infotainment system. LG Electronics will not only supply the Escalade, but also additionally supply rear-seat infotainment systems for various new vehicles from GM. Kim Jinyoung, Vice President of LG Electronics VS Business Division, said, “Based on differentiated technology, we will continue to introduce a new generation of products for the future automotive industry.” It is expected that the market demand for in-vehicle displays will continue to grow. , the global vehicle display market will grow from 9.8 trillion won (about 57.8 billion yuan) last year to 12 trillion (about 70.4 billion yuan) in 2023.

LG Display has secured a strong position in the automotive display market. In the vehicle display market of more than 5 inches, from the first quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2019, it has been the world’s largest in terms of shipments, sales and area for 11 consecutive quarters. In particular, LG Display has become a blue ocean market that has just opened in the automotive OLED market with differentiated competitiveness. According to IHSMarkit, shipments of automotive OLED panels will increase from 110,000 units this year to 410,000 units in 2021, a four-fold increase, and will reach 4.6 million units by 2026, with an average annual growth rate of over 80%.

LG Display completed the industry’s first automotive P-OLED development this year and officially entered mass production. LG Display has entered a stage of considering P-OLED application research and co-development with a number of automakers.

LG Display President Ding Haorong emphasized at CES 2020 held in Las Vegas, USA at the beginning of last month, “The transportation industry will become a highly growth field accounting for 30% of the company’s overall sales in the future.”


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