Laser beam break kit features components required for a laser system

Global Laser beam break kit, available now from RS Components, contains the transmitting and receiving component needed to create a laser beam break system. This technology senses motion by detecting object passing through a beam of light. The beam break system can be employed for event monitoring to detect an intruder or approaching vehicle.

To complete the system, all the user needs to do is supply a DC voltage to any component and align the transmitted beam with the receiver optic.

An LED indicator positioned on the rear of the receiver illuminates when the beam is detected. The resulting electrical output, viewed through a connection lead, is around 0VDC (TTL logic LOW). If the beam is blocked, the receiver outputs approximately 5VDC (TTL logic HIGH). This output can be monitored with a test instrument, such as an oscilloscope or used to trigger an alarm or switch.

The system operating case temperature is -10C to +45C and is housed in an anodised aluminium case with a lead length of 240mm.

These systems can be used for ‘event monitoring’ to detect intruders or approaching vehicles. They can also be employed for counting projectiles or objects passing through the beam, such as on a production line/conveyor belt.