iOS14’s new privacy rules are implemented ahead of schedule, restricting tracking

When it comes to the privacy protection of user devices, Apple has never let everyone down. From a few years ago, in order not to unlock an old iPhone, it did not hesitate to go to court with the FBI. Recently, it stipulated that applications in the AppStore must expressly request device permissions. , Apple is using a series of measures that are difficult for its friends to implement to achieve its commitment to privacy protection, and another new regulation that was originally implemented early next year seems to have arrived ahead of schedule.

It is the iOS14 privacy label feature that many advertisers strongly oppose but fruit fans support. In a big way, this will be an important change for the entire industry, given the huge number of iPhone users, combined with the aforementioned new AppStore privacy regulations , will seriously affect the profitability of Internet advertising manufacturers. As for how this function will protect our privacy, I will tell you a little bit today.

iOS14’s new privacy rules are implemented ahead of schedule, restricting tracking

This new privacy regulation mainly has the following 2 restrictions:

1. Limit the app’s tracking of user behavior

If advertisers want to efficiently push accurate advertisements to users, they must obtain the data of users’ online browsing behavior, which was done secretly before. It’s no wonder that apps that use iOS devices for advertising push will be strongly criticized by some international social software manufacturers.

2. Limit cross-app tracking

Your browsing behavior on App A may be tracked by App B using the Internet, which is similar to the launch of app association on Android devices. This means that apps are sharing user data. Under the influence of the new regulations, This behavior is not allowed.

iOS14’s new privacy rules are implemented ahead of schedule, restricting tracking

From the user’s point of view, we not only want to know which permissions will be requested when using an app, but also need to know whether there will be a pair of eyes watching our every move in the dark, while Apple’s two This measure basically eliminates the behavior of obtaining private data without the user’s permission.

If you want to reflect it on the specific Display, just like the screenshots posted by foreign netizens, when you open an app, you will see the following pop-up window. The general content is that the app is requesting to track your behavior in other places. I believe 99% People will choose ask app not to track (requires the application not to track), rather than allow (allow), when the system receives the user’s choice decision, any tracking behavior of the user using the app is not allowed.

iOS14’s new privacy rules are implemented ahead of schedule, restricting tracking

At present, Apple has started to implement this new privacy policy at least half a month in advance, but currently only some apps will receive this pop-up prompt when opening some apps, which proves that Apple has been reminding developers to adapt to the new privacy policy and make changes as soon as possible. Adjustment.

In the face of overwhelming criticism from advertisers, Apple’s response is that the new regulations do not require manufacturers to change the tracking behavior of users, but only need to obtain user consent in advance, and you don’t have to guess whether users will choose ask app not to track or allow. .

Some people may think that this function is repeated with the previous new rules of the AppStore. There is no need for Apple to do the same thing twice. In fact, as long as you understand these two functions a little more, you can see the difference. One is to prevent gentlemen. , One is anti-villain, the latter is a supplement to the former, and both can make things more perfect.

When the feature is fully rolled out early next year, some advertisers may have to withdraw from the iOS platform. As for Apple’s thunderous tactics, I can only say that it is well done.

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