Highly compact PCB automotive relay offers high-wattage switching

OMRON G8K is a highly compact pcb automotive relay offering 37A short-term and 5A continuous current carrying. The device is available from TTI Europe. Despite its compactness, high-wattage switching is achievable due to the contacts and heat-release design. The device offers the durability of 100.000 operations at rated load, while its pin layout allows high-density mounting and optimisation of the PCB trace layout. This relay is also available as twin type (two relays in one case), and it conforms to TS 16949 standard.

The device offers a compact size of 9.3mm x 8.5mm x 14mm (G8K-1); 9.3mm x 16.8mm x 14mm (G8K-2).

Applications include DC motor control for automobile parts (door lock motor, power window motor, wiper motor, seat controller, etc.).