Google Android 11’s new air gestures: control music video playback

Today, it was reported that Google released the first developer preview of Android 11 in advance, and there are more news about Android 11, including new gestures.

Google Android 11’s new air gestures: control music video playback

According to foreign media reports, the new Android 11 developer preview has updated the Motion Sense app, adding a new space gesture for controlling media play/pause, and the new feature is enabled on the Pixel 4. The path is “Settings – System – Gestures – Pause Music”, when turned on, only requires a finger or palm to “tap” in the air, as in the image below.

In fact, Google’s tweet last week had already indirectly previewed this feature. The Twitter video demonstrated the use of air gestures to switch songs through Motion Sense, but the new air gestures will not be available until the new version of Motion Sense is online. Foreign media test, the installation package extracted from Android 11 cannot be installed on Android 10.

Google Twitter demo content

The foreign media also mentioned that the sensitivity of the new gesture is very high, and it can be correctly recognized with one finger, but the use of the entire palm is the best. The new gesture is Google’s first improvement of Motion Sense. The user brings a better experience in terms of media control. Regarding other latest news of Android 11, IT House will continue to pay attention to it, and will launch a summary post in the future.

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