element14 supplies Nexperia power GaN FETs to help reduce power loss in electric vehicle, 5G and IoT applications

Shanghai, China, September 18, 2020 – element14, a global distributor of Electronic components and development services, announced the supply of Nexperia’s latest family of power gallium nitride field effect transistors (GaN FETs). This innovative series of GaN FETs has a small form factor, enabling high power density and high efficiency power conversion, enabling the development of more efficient systems at a lower cost, while also helping to improve power performance in applications such as electric vehicles, 5G communications, and the Internet of Things. With more and more legislation increasing carbon emission reduction requirements, it is imperative to achieve more efficient power conversion and higher electrification levels. This innovative family of GaN FETs offers design engineers an effective solution to these problems.

GaN technology breaks through many of the limitations of existing technologies such as silicon-based IGBTs and SiC, bringing direct and indirect performance benefits to a variety of power conversion applications. In the field of electric vehicles, GaN technology can directly reduce power loss, thus enabling longer driving range for the car. At the same time, more efficient power conversion also reduces the need to use the cooling system to dissipate heat, which helps reduce body weight and system complexity, which in turn enables longer driving ranges, or the same range with a smaller battery . Power GaN FETs are also well suited for data center, telecom infrastructure and industrial applications.

The GaN FET family provides superior performance for a variety of solution applications including AC-DC totem pole PFC hard switching applications, LLC phase-shifted full bridge soft switching applications (resonant or fixed frequency), all DC-AC inverter topologies and applications using bidirectional Switching AC-AC matrix converters, etc.

Key advantages include:

• Simple gate drive, low RDS(on) and fast switching

• Excellent body diode (low Vf), low reverse recovery charge Qrr

• strong and sturdy

• Low dynamic RDS(on)

• Stable switching performance

• Strong gate drive noise immunity (Vth ~ 4 V)

Lee Turner, Global Director of Semiconductors and Single Board Computers at Farnell and element14, said: “Nexperia is globally recognized for its broad portfolio of innovative semiconductor products. We are delighted to introduce Nexperia’s family of power GaN FETs to further enhance the efficiency of Customer support. GaN is at the forefront of high-efficiency power design, and these new product introductions will be a key component of future innovative IoT, automotive and communications designs.”

To support customers looking to adopt GaN FET technology, Farnell and the element14 community co-hosted a webinar featuring Ilian Bonov, GaN International Product Marketing Engineer from Nexperia, for a “deep dive” of the new technology. The topic of the webinar is “Designing Efficient and Stable Industrial Power Supply Using Nexperia GaN FETs”, which comprehensively introduces the characteristics of Nexperia’s cascode technology and its application advantages in soft and hard switching topologies, and shares a 4kW totem Column PFC case study.

Customers can purchase Nexperia’s GaN FET portfolio through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and element14 (Asia Pacific).

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