Electric vehicles are ‘the future of the auto industry’ and China leads the race

Now, China is ahead in this race, there is no doubt that this is true. On May 18, local time, U.S. President Biden said in a speech at the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan that electric vehicles are “the future of the auto industry” and that China is “leading” in this competition. Den called on the United States to act quickly.

Electric vehicles are ‘the future of the auto industry’ and China leads the race

According to the transcript of the speech released by the White House, Biden said that day: “The future of the auto industry is electric. There is no turning back… The real question is, in the race to the future, will we lead or lag, or will we Will these cars and batteries be made in the U.S. or rely on other countries…”

Electric vehicles are ‘the future of the auto industry’ and China leads the race

“Right now, China is ahead in this race, there’s no question about that,” Biden said.

He continued: “You know, we used to invest more in R&D than any country in the world, and China was eighth, sorry, ninth. Now, we’re eighth, and China is number one. We can’t let This continues. The future will be determined by the best minds in the world, by those who break new barriers.”

Biden then spoke about China’s electric vehicle market. “As you know, China has the largest and fastest growing market for electric vehicles in the world, and a key part of electric vehicles is the battery. Currently, 80% of the manufacturing of these batteries is done in China…which allows them to monopolize the market for these batteries. supply and raw material markets.”

“Here’s the thing: This is not to say that China’s battery technology is more innovative than any other country’s battery technology. Remember, our national labs in the U.S., our universities, our automakers are in this technology is in a leading position in development,” Biden said.

Biden then changed the conversation and said, “But today, China’s manufacturing scale is larger than all other countries. They not only produce these batteries in China, but also in Germany and Mexico. They are now exporting these electric vehicles to around the world, with an eye toward the U.S. market.”

Biden went on to say: “They (China) think they’re going to win. Well, I have a message for them: They’re not going to win this game. We can’t let them win. We’ve got to act fast, that’s what you guys are doing right now. to do.”

From infrastructure to electric vehicles, the U.S. has frequently cited China as an example when advancing some bills recently.

Just this month, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation passed a bill called Endless Frontiers that authorizes $110 billion over five years for scientific and technological research. Regarding this bill, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin once said that Wang Wenbin said that how the United States develops itself is an internal affair of the United States, and we are happy to see the United States make greater progress, but we firmly oppose the use of China to talk things out and point the finger at China. It is hoped that the United States will correct its own mentality, view China’s development rationally, respect the right to development that the Chinese people just enjoy, and play a constructive role in the healthy and stable development of China-US relations.

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