Digi-Key video series examines “Smarter, Safer Cities”

Digi-Key video series examines “Smarter, Safer Cities”Dubbed “Smarter, Safer Cities”, it is a three-part exploration of some of the most advanced cities globally. Specifically, looking at how the latest technology and innovations can change the way people work, commute and live.

“We’re excited to explore and share how smart city technologies are transforming and empowering everything from public safety to sustainability, energy management and electric/autonomous vehicles to safe and productive workspaces,” said Robbie Paul, director of IoT business solutions for Digi-Key Electronics. “Smart cities are the future and many Digi-Key customers and suppliers are playing critical roles in delivering innovative technologies to bring smart cities to life.”

The first of the three videos in the series, Public Safety Through Enhanced Awareness, is now live on Digi-Key’s website.

The second video, Harvesting and Storing Sustainable Energy, will be released in May and the third, Office Workers in The Next Normal, will be released in June.

The series is sponsored by TE and Microchip

“As IoT and 5G continue to rapidly advance, Microchip is excited to harness the power of these innovative technologies and lay the groundwork for safer, smarter cities,” said Microchip Senior Vice President, Analog Power and Interface Business Unit Rich Simoncic. “Our partnership with Digi-Key helps to fuel their customers’ innovations, from providing components to build out smart energy grids and charging applications for autonomous vehicles to automated technology that improves both the safety and productivity of office workers.”

TE Connectivity also commented:

“As a trusted distribution partner for more than 35 years, Digi-Key brings its customers the latest, cutting-edge critical components they need, including TE Connectivity’s antennas, RF, harsh-environment cables, high-speed, low-speed connectors, power products and sensors solutions, to develop new technologies to advance smart cities,” said Rickard Barrefelt, senior manager field application engineering at TE. “We’re proud to sponsor the video series and look forward to informing and inspiring innovators to continue developing solutions to make our world safer, sustainable, productive and connected.”