Dewesoft updates data acquisition software Word reporting link, and more

Linked processing markers: FFT markers available on the 2D graph widget now have dedicated marker output channels allowing for the export and analysis of marker readings. New marker functionalities have been added, including peak search, value interpolation, scalar channel option to drive marker positions, a new ‘vector cut’ marker and a trigger marker.

The set of 3d graph markers is also expanded and now includes the X and Y harmonic cut, max, and free markers. FFT markers are linked with all cut markers, allowing for simultaneous visualisation in both the 2D and 3D space. All markers can now also be moved by keyboard for accurate positioning when extracting harmonics.

Dewesoft updates data acquisition software Word reporting link, and moreReporting add-in for Microsoft Word: Using copy-and-paste, any display widget can be pasted into Word, which now creates a dynamic link between the two documents. Any changes made in DewesoftX can be automatically applied to the linked Word document with the click of a button.

Multiple data files can be linked to the same Word document, allowing the creation of multi-run reports. If further clarification is needed when presenting a report, the correct file can be automatically loaded into DewesoftX by selecting the widget in question and pressing the ‘open’ button in Word. Changes made to the DewesoftX screen at left are automatically updated in the Microsoft Word document on the right.

J1939 multi-frame support: For electric vehicles-to-charger communication, DewesoftX’s CAN module has been expanded to handle GB/T 27930, the Chinese communication protocol for off-board chargers and battery management systems.

The standard uses CAN bus with J1939 multi-frame messages, but until now the software has only been supporting single messages up to 64bits. Now it supports multi-frame as standard, and any J1939 DBC file that has multi-frame messages will automatically be recognied, and its messages imported and decoded. This upgrade also supports decoding of NMEA2000 messages.

FFT analysis update: Amongst further updates, the FFT analysis module has had a user-interface refresh, combining recently introduced functionalities. FFT analysis now supports a searchable cross-spectrum reference field, making it easier to configure for high channel count systems, and calculation functions now support extraction of non-integer harmonics.

DewesoftX 2021.4 is a free upgrade for Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems.

A complete description of v2021.4 changes are available here, and the download here

Dewesoft is headquartered in Slovenia, and has a UK office in Bedfordshire.

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