Dalian Daquanding Group launched a dual-mode fully automatic smart door lock solution based on Qualcomm products

On November 14, 2019, Dalian General Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary Quanding has launched a dual-mode fully automatic smart door lock Turnkey solution based on Qualcomm (Qualcomm) QCA4024.

In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the smart home industry has also become popular. The popularity of the market and the popularity of consumer concepts continue to promote the progress of the industry. As an important component of the smart home security category, smart door locks are increasingly recognized and accepted by people. The current door lock market is in the early stage of rapid development, with the transformation of traditional door lock manufacturers and the participation of Internet giants and start-ups. In response to the pain points of traditional door lock manufacturers lacking technology development for Electronic products, Dalian Daquan Ding integrated the company’s internal resources to launch a dual-mode smart door lock Turnkey Solution based on Qualcomm QCA4024.

Dalian Daquanding Group launched a dual-mode fully automatic smart door lock solution based on Qualcomm products

Figure 1 – The Display board of Dalian Daquan Ding’s dual-mode fully automatic smart door lock solution based on Qualcomm products

QCA4024 is the first SoC designed by Qualcomm specifically for IOT to support ble and zigbee modes. This solution includes software and hardware design materials and mobile APP. The latest SDK is developed based on Qualcomm qca4020.or_.3.0 version QSDK. The SDK has complete functions, penetrates the bottom layer and the application layer in the form of middleware, and realizes support for Modules such as motor, fingerprint, voice, touch, Display, etc.; integrates Bluetooth and wifi network communication to realize the interconnection of cloud and mobile terminals; combined with the provided APP Realize the unlocking and unlocking and historical record query and OTA function of cloud and mobile terminals. The SDK has various connection combinations, such as BLE+WIFI, BLE+ZIGBEE, BLE, BLE+WIFI+ZIGBEE.

The overall development environment is the window system, and python is used to organize the entire compilation and programming process. GUI interface tools are not provided, all are commandline tools.

The program provides APP for customer customized development. Both Android and IOS versions are supported. Drawing on the technical specifications of homekit, it integrates mainstream functions in the market, with source-level support, reducing the difficulty of secondary development for customers.

Figure 2 – The block diagram of the dual-mode automatic intelligent door lock solution based on Qualcomm products launched by Dalian Daquanding

Core technical advantages

  • Highly integrated single-chip solution, only one soc

  • Good expansion performance and rich io interfaces

  • Multiple unlocking methods, support ble / zigbee APP, fingerprint, password, card unlocking

  • Support BLE, zigbee OTA function

  • Battery detection and low battery alarm

  • Temporary password management

  • APP provides fingerprint, card, password registration, addition and deletion and other personnel management functions

  • Door opening and closing history

Program Specifications

  • Chip 8 x 8mm2, 0.40mm pitch, 68-pin QFN

  • 2 core MCUs (Arm M4F, Arm M0)

  • Support ZigBee3.0 and Thread via OpenThread

  • Supports Bluetooth 5 Qualcomm Mesh connectivity

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