Cypress PSoC 6 BLE won the 2019 China IoT Technology Innovation Award

Shenzhen, December 23, 2019 – A few days ago, the 6th China IoT Conference 2019 with the theme of “New IoT Smart World” came to an end in Shenzhen. The conference is hosted by professional media electronics enthusiasts in the field of Electronic technology, and brings together industry elites in the field of Internet of Things to discuss opportunities for industrial innovation. At the same time, the selection results of the 4th China IoT Innovation Award were announced. Among them, Cypress semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CY) won the IoT Technology Innovation Award with its dual-core processing platform PSoC 6 BLE designed for IoT products.

It is reported that the selection of the IoT Technology Innovation Award comprehensively considers the innovative value of the participating products in the IoT-related product market, the competitive advantage compared with similar products of peers, and the role of improving key indicators of user products and improving user service quality. Through a review process that combines online real-name voting and expert review, products like PSoC 6 BLE, which are highly concerned and recognized by market and industry users, are selected from more than 100 participating products.

Cypress PSoC 6 BLE is the industry’s lowest power consumption, highest flexibility and built-in security function MCU, with high integration, seamless integration of IoT terminal applications key hardware security and connectivity functions, is widely used in wearable Product design for equipment, smart home, portable medical, IoT, smart industry.

Chen Guodong, Senior Marketing Manager of Cypress IoT Computing and Wireless Business Unit in China, took the stage to accept the award

Since the beginning of this year, the integration of 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies with the Internet of Things has accelerated. The global demand for reliable, safe and high-speed network connections and equipment has continued to grow, and the application scenarios of the Internet of Things have continued to expand. It is critical for the global semiconductor and electronics industries to seize the new growth opportunities presented by the Internet of Things.

As the world’s leading embedded solution provider, Cypress has already made IoT one of its key development directions and continues to make efforts. In March this year, Cypress launched a new series of PSoC 6 MCU products, PSoC 64 Secure MCU, which integrates system-level security software and hardware-level functions that follow security standards; in May, PSoC 6 MCU further strengthened its support for Alibaba The support for secure access to the cloud platform provides a strong security guarantee for IoT applications, especially connecting cloud services. In the future, Cypress will also be committed to providing IoT solutions with leading technology, excellent performance, covering hardware and software, helping users to strengthen the security of IoT applications and making IoT application design simpler.

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