Curve uv laser cutting machine VS The coolest basketball game

Curve uv laser Cutting Machine VS The coolest basketball game

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the coolest basketball game! Blows are entries:

So many basketball, is there anything you like?

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Basketball is the most important thing for basketball fans. The logo and pattern are their belief. Even touch could make them blood boil. Basketball fans love these various kinds of special meaning characters and pattern on basketball by using laser marking machine.

Custom basketball

As for basketball fan, the biggest bright spot of laser marking technology is high customization extent. Laser could custom for you such as Kobe’s signature, your personal signature, special meaning symbol, bless for friends and lover and so on.

Basketball marking

There are four major materiel types of basketball, cow hide upper leather, PVC synthetic leather, PU materiel. The processing principle of Curve laser cutting machine is using high efficiency laser beam to mark character pattern on basketball. Furthermore, compared with traditional printing technology, Laser marking technology could ensure character pattern non-shedding.  Time flies fast, only laser marking stays forever!

GD HAN’S YUEMING LASER   Equipment recommendation

3D UV laser marking machine MUV-D-A



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▶3D UV curve laser marking, wide range of application.

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