Classification and Application of Laser Marking Machine

Classification and Application of Laser Marking Machine

Currently, laser equipment is widely used in manufacturing industry. Whether it is laser Cutting Machine, laser engraving machine or laser marking machine, market demand for them is so great, and the case is particularly true for laser marking machine, even though it is a relatively new arrival. But it has accounted for nearly half of all the laser machines used in marking industry, challenging the status of traditional marking machines.

Laser marking machine has quickly gained attention in the food and beverage packaging industry. When user select appropriate laser marking machine, they have to take into account laser equipment’s performance and processing need. As the users, we are necessary to understand the apply scope and classification of laser marking machine. As we all known, laser marking machine mainly divide into carbon dioxide, fiber, semiconductor, Green, UV laser marker. Compared with other medium laser marking machine, co2 and fiber laser marker are more widely used.

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine’s application rang is particularly widespread in the tobacco, food and beverage, electronics, wood floors industry. It is also suitable for plastic, leather, wood, ceramics and a series nonmetallic material marking.

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Fiber laser marking machine is an excellent performance laser machine, twice faster than the former one. For this reason, it is suitable for machining cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum block, since alloy and other metal material and a lot nonmetallic material. It is mainly suitable for deep and high precision processing demand like electronic components, precision instruments, and integrated circuit industry.

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