Capacitor series offers low-profile mounting

CDE-IC’s low-ESR MPTS Capacitor Series is offered in voltage ranges between 800V to 1400V. Standard values are from 33uF to 220uF and up to 1,440WVDC; its operating temperature is from -40C to +85C. The sturdy device is flame-retardant and is formed of solvent resistant plastic case (UL 94V-0) with epoxy end fill. Integral mounting flanges provide secure mounting to any flat surface and are available from New Yorker Electronics with male or female threaded lead terminals.

Its load life is rated at 100,000 hours at 70% with 100% of rated voltage, and the operating temperature range for this RoHS-compliant capacitor is between -40C and +85C. The terminal-to-terminal dielectric strength is 1.5 times the rated DC voltage when applied between the terminals for ten seconds; the terminal to case dielectric strength is 4000VAC when applied between the terminals and case for 60 seconds. The case dimensions range from 85mm x 40mm to 85mm x 64mm.

The company offers a diverse range of film capacitors for electronic and electro-mechanical applications. Film capacitors employ polymer films having a thin aluminium metallisation layer. This construction is extremely durable and stable, with outstanding electrical characteristics. Axial and radial lead types are available, with a mixture of termination choices. Custom constructions are offered to satisfy special needs.

Application-specific types include X2, Y2/X1, motor run, IGBT and high voltage. Typical application areas include DC link, solar and wind power inverters, electric heaters, motor drives, induction heaters, and UPS systems.