BLDC motor drivers for drones and power tools include an MCU

BLDC motor drivers for drones and power tools include an MCU

They are the system-in-packages RAJ306001 (6-30V) and RAJ306010 (6-42V) which integrate an RL78/G1F microcontroller and a pre-driver into an 8 x 8mm QFN – requiring external MOSFETs to complete a motor drive.

‘Self-aligned dead-time’ is included to prevent the shoot through and pre-driver output current for the external mosfets is adjustable up to 500mA – allowing “the ICs to drive mosfets at the optimum switching timing, reducing switching margin times and enabling efficient motor control with reduced heat generation”, said the company.

Hall-sensed or sensor-less motor control can be implemented, and according to Renesas integrated safety functions include IEC 60730 safety standard support and can detect errors and halt the motor if an error occurs.

RAJ306010, for example, operates across -40 to +85°C (up to +105°C for Z suffix) and has a built-in 5V regulator plus a charge pump to power the high-side MOSFET gates – to 10 or 13V dependng on single or double boost mode.

It has one shunt current sense amplifier with adjustable gain, and protections include under-voltage lock-out, over-temperture, over-currrent, over-voltage, motor lock (when Hall sensed) and an alarm condition indicator.

The 16bit RL78/G1F has a 64kbyte flash rom, 4kbyte of data flash and 5.52kbyte of ram, plus many timers and a nine-channel 10bit ADC.

There is a starter kit for the RAJ306010 ICs with a development board, motor and reference firmware.

The RAJ306010 product page is here and the RAJ306001 here