Beijing Shanhai Jingwei Internet Behavior Management Application Solution

1. User background introduction

Beijing Shanhai Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing geographic information system software products, industry application solutions and professional services. The company has long been engaged in the independent research and development of professional GIS software products, focusing on digital cities and public security GIS industry application. The company has passed the Beijing Software Enterprise Certification and obtained the “High-tech Enterprise Certification” issued by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is the first batch of key standard pilot enterprises in the National Standardization Demonstration Zone. At the same time, the company was also the security consulting unit of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, participated in the construction of more than 10 Olympic security geographic information systems, and was awarded the “Olympic Security Award Unit” in the field of GIS issued by the Olympic Organizing Committee.

2. Analysis of user needs

The company has specialized network managers to manage and maintain the enterprise network on a daily basis. Professional firewall equipment is deployed at the exit of the enterprise network to ensure the security of the office management system in the enterprise network, but this does not seem to be very effective. At the same time, the enterprise network also faces some other network security problems, such as the leakage of confidential information and the inability to effectively manage speeches. However, if relying on traditional network security equipment, the company will have to install firewall, intrusion detection, UTM and other network security equipment one after another, which is undoubtedly a big burden in terms of cost, and whether these equipment can effectively solve the current problems after installation The problem is still unknown, and there is a certain risk.

3. Lex Technology’s Internet Behavior Management Solution – Enterprise Easy Netcom

After listening to the introduction of the network management personnel of Beijing Shanhai Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., the technical engineers of Lexus Technology recommended the use of Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System – “Enterprise Easy Netcom” to solve these problems faced by enterprises.

Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System is a network behavior management system developed by Lex Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. for the current Internet management status. It can solve functions such as online authentication, user and application management, traffic management, and online behavior management for users. With only one device, it can effectively complete the work that can be completed by security products such as firewalls and UTM in the environment of small and medium users. It also provides critical business assurance capabilities.

In addition, the Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System also provides a comprehensive management method of “reasonable guidance, prevention in advance, tracking of incidents, and investigation and punishment after the incident”, which not only reduces the cost of enterprise equipment, but also improves the work efficiency of enterprise employees. It is a small and medium-sized enterprise. Excellent choice for enterprise network management.

Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System supports multiple deployment modes such as bypass and transparent, which is convenient for deployment and management. The topology of the specific implementation scheme is as follows:

Figure: Lex Technology “Netoray NSG Easy Netcom” application topology

The enterprise network administrator manages the company network as follows:

1. Manage network activities such as online chatting, online games, and online stock trading during working hours.
2. Block access to websites that are not related to work (pornographic and violent websites, etc.) during working hours, block phishing websites, and hang horse websites to prevent network viruses.
3. Strict audit control is carried out for the disclosure of corporate secrets sent through the network.
4. Control the abuse of network resources to download image data unrelated to work during working hours.
5. Set the bandwidth policy to ensure the company’s business needs, and improve the network bandwidth occupancy of the company’s business applications.
6. Block the behavior of accessing the Internet through your own laptop during work hours to play games, speculate in stocks, and watch movies.

The enterprise management manages the company’s network as follows:

1. Strictly control and manage the illegal outreach of internal employees and the use of their own computers to prevent the leakage of confidential corporate data;
2. Standardize employees’ online behavior, reduce personal business applications during working hours, and improve employees’ work efficiency;
3. Effectively solve the problem that the bandwidth of key services cannot be guaranteed, and enhance the value of the enterprise network.

4. Description of program features

Management Tools for Enterprise Managers – Multi-role Management Division

According to the multi-role management feature of Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System Enterprise Edition, this solution can flexibly control users’ Internet behaviors according to user roles or groups. It not only supports hierarchical multi-user management and centralized management, but also supports multi-authority management. . Different administrative accounts have different administrative rights, such as ordinary viewing rights and global configuration rights.

Cost-effective – the perfect combination of versatility and high performance

To put it figuratively, it is a multi-functional integrated professional Internet behavior management device, including basic network function Modules: routing, firewall; and also including user identification, IP management; bandwidth management; Internet behavior management; content management, etc. A professional multi-functional online behavior management system integrating various functional modules.

Implement online update application protocol and URL library

The “Enterprise Easy Netcom” product of Lextech Technology has a comprehensive application and protocol library, and supports rich application layer protocols including: IM chat (MSN, QQ, Fetion, Taobao Wangwang, etc.), P2P (Xunlei, eDonkey, BT, PP Diandiantong, etc.), streaming media (MMS, RTSP, QuickTime, etc.), E-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, Web-mail, etc.), Internet TV (PPlive, QQlive, PPStream, etc.), stock trading software (Qianlong, Great Wisdom, Compass, etc.), underground browsing (Freegate, Unbounded, etc.), online games (Lianzhong Games, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, etc.), other protocols (Telenet, SSH, ARP, FTP, ICMP, etc.).

V. Application effect evaluation

Since Beijing Shanhai Jingwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. has adopted Lex Netoray NSG Internet Behavior Management System and its special solution, the network administrators have managed the Internet behavior of all users in the company, effectively solving the problem of previous intranet virus flooding and the company’s IT network. The problem that cannot be effectively managed has truly created a corporate network with high security, high office efficiency, and high cost performance!

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