Application of Jingmin man-machine interface integrated controller in feeding control

/a>Mechanical Control” title=”Mechanical Control”>Mechanical Control” title=”Mechanical Control”>Mechanical Control Automatic Feeding. In the feeding of the machine tool factory, it is necessary to measure the length of the feeding, and also need to record the quantity of feeding. Special employee counts are required, and when there is no material, it can remind the feeding workers to feed the material in time or respond accordingly. These will affect the operating cost and operating speed of an enterprise. In order to improve the degree of automation and reduce operating costs, manufacturers want to use machinery for automatic feeding control.
System Requirements
1. Automatic feeding, detecting the length of the material to be fed, so as to make actions at the corresponding length;
2. Record the number of feeding materials and Display the number, and it is convenient to take corresponding actions after completing a certain number of feeding processes;
3. If an abnormality occurs during the feeding process, it will automatically alarm to remind the user to solve the problem.
Smart product solutions
Jingmin (JMDM) roller feeding control system” title=”Control system”>The control system adopts the JMDM-2011 industrial controller independently developed by Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machinery Co., Ltd.” title=”Industrial controller”>Industrial controller, High-precision, high-speed positioning, timing and speed control are achieved. Strong function, stable and reliable, strong anti-interference ability.
Start up and Display “feeding length of each section, output count, running status, number of sections”. The feeding length, feeding speed and feeding quantity can be set. Alarm when feeding stops.
1. Running screen
1. When the system is turned on, the system will enter the startup screen, and the company name and contact information of the “Jingmin” company will be displayed at this time;
2. When the system is turned on, the system enters the automatic operation screen, and then press the start button to operate normally;
3. After the boot screen is displayed, enter the running screen. At this time, the upper part of the LCD screen displays “CNC roller feeding system”; the lower left corner displays “Setting feeding length, output count, status, number of segments”, where “Setting feeding length” refers to The length of the feeding system being fed. “Output count” refers to the number of products that have been fed. Status refers to the running state of the system. There are three types of “running”, “stop” and “manual”. The number of segments refers to the number of feeding segments that the system is running.
2. Parameter modification
1. How to enter the setting state
After power-on, the controller directly enters the running state, and when it is stopped, press the “ESC” button on the Panel to enter the setting state.
2. How to modify parameters
The four direction keys up, down, left and right are used to move the cursor and select the number to be changed. When the cursor reaches the number to be changed, enter the number you want to set, and the number is set.
The feature of the setting state is that there is a cursor on the right half of the LCD screen, and the cursor can be moved by pressing the up, down, left and right direction keys.
3. How to set parameters
There are five parameter setting screens, namely the main setting screen, the second setting screen, the third setting screen, the password setting screen, and the system parameter setting screen.
Main settings screen:
One section feeding length: the feeding length set by the first section feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Second-stage feeding length: the feeding length set by the second-stage feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Three-stage feeding length: that is, the feeding length set by the third-stage feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Four-stage feeding length: that is, the feeding length set by the fourth-stage feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Second setting screen:
Five-stage feeding length: that is, the feeding length set by the fifth-stage feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Six-stage feeding length: that is, the feeding length set by the sixth-stage feeding;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm
Set the number of feeding segments: that is, the number of times of different feeding lengths run by one feeding process;
1-6 Unit: segment;
Set output: that is, set the number of products to be processed;
00000——99999 Unit: Piece
The third setting screen:
Set the feeding speed: that is, set the feeding speed during the feeding operation;
0000.00——9999.99 Unit: mm/s
No material detection enable: even if the function of no material detection of the punch feeding system is enabled;
0——1 When set to 0, it will be turned off” title=”turn off” > turn off the no-material detection function, when set to 1, the no-material detection function will be enabled
Sending output enable: that is, a signal can be output after each feeding is completed;
0——1 When set to 0, there is output when feeding is completed, and when set to 1, there is no output when feeding is completed.
Password setting screen:
Please enter the password: enter the system parameter setting on the next page to enter the password;
000000-999999 The password set by the system is 654321; if the input is correct, you can enter the system parameter setting on the next page; if the input is wrong, you cannot enter the system parameter setting screen.
System parameter setting screen:
Manual feeding speed: that is, set the feeding speed during manual operation;
000.00——999.99 Unit: mm/sec
Acceleration and deceleration time: that is, to set the acceleration and deceleration time during the feeding process;
0.00——9.99 Unit: second
Feed wheel size: the circumference of the feed wheel;
000.000——999.999 Unit: mm;
Pulses per revolution: the number of pulses corresponding to one revolution of the servo motor;
00000——99999 Unit: Piece/revolution
4. Press the ESC key in the parameter setting screen to exit the parameter setting screen.
3. Operation introduction
1. Enter the running screen after booting, and enter the parameter setting screen if you need to modify the parameters;
2. Press the start button in the running screen to make the system run normally;
3. Press the “NUM0” key when stopping to complete the count of the product quantity;
4. When the system is running, press the emergency stop button to stop the system immediately, press the pause button to stop the system after the current feeding is completed, and then press the start button to continue to run the system;
5. When the output count reaches or there is no material to stop, there is an alarm output.

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