Analysis on the debugging of CNC lathes for precision CNC processing manufacturers

Analysis on the debugging of CNC lathes for precision CNC processing manufacturers

Develop standardized debugging actions, mainly including the following points:

1) According to the introduction of precision CNC machining manufacturers, when debugging the program, the G00 speed selection switch must be set to the F0 gear to allow the tool to approach the workpiece at a slower speed. Otherwise, once the tool offset is wrong, the tool will go from the tool change point in G00 mode. When moving quickly to the feed point, there may be a strong collision with the workpiece, leaving the operator at a loss and too late to eliminate the danger; on the contrary, when the tool is approached at a slower speed, even if the tool deviation is wrong, the operator has plenty of money. Time to adjust.

2) When debugging the program, the CNC lathe must be in a single-step execution state. After the operator executes the previous block on the CNC lathe, he must check the correctness and rationality of the next block again, and make adjustments accordingly.

3) During the movement of cnc CNC lathes, the precision CNC machining manufacturer introduced that the operator must always observe the change of the tool coordinates on the screen and whether the coordinates of the end point of the movement in the program are consistent with the coordinates of the actual movement of the tool.

4) During the process of program debugging, the operator can put one finger on the cycle start button and the other finger on the side of the cycle hold button, so that the execution of the program can be stopped in an emergency. At the same time, always remember the location of the emergency button, so that it is not necessary.

According to the analysis of precision CNC processing manufacturers, when starting the machine tool, it is generally necessary to set the machine reference point. The workpiece coordinate system of the CNC machine tool should be consistent with the programmed coordinate system. If there is an error, the possibility of collision between the turning tool and the workpiece is very high. In addition, the setting of tool length compensation must be correct, otherwise, it is either empty machining or collision.