Analysis of the structure of cutting tools by Dongguan CNC machining manufacturers

Analysis of the structure of cutting tools by Dongguan CNC machining manufacturers

According to Dongguan CNC machining manufacturers, CNC machining center tools must adapt to the characteristics of high-speed, high-efficiency and high degree of automation of CNC machine tools. Generally, they should include general-purpose tools, general-purpose connection tool holders and a small number of special tool holders. The tool holder must be connected to the tool and mounted on the power head of the machine tool, so it has gradually been standardized and serialized. There are many ways to classify CNC tools.

According to the tool structure, it can be divided into: ①Integral type; ②Inlaid type, which adopts welding or machine clamp connection, and the machine clamp type can be divided into two types: non-indexable and indexable; ③Special types, such as composite tools, reduce Vibrating knives, etc. According to the materials used by CNC machining center manufacturers to manufacture folding tools, they can be divided into: ① high-speed steel tools; ② cemented carbide tools; ③ diamond tools; ④ tools of other materials, such as cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools, etc. From the cutting process, it can be divided into: ① turning tools, including outer circle, inner hole, thread, cutting tools, etc.; ② drilling tools, including drills, reamers, taps, etc.; ③ boring tools; ④ milling tools, etc. .

According to Dongguan CNC processing manufacturers, in order to meet the requirements of CNC machine tools for durability, stability, easy adjustment, and exchangeability, in recent years, machine-clamped indexable tools have been widely used, and the number has reached 30% of the entire CNC tools. ~40%, the amount of metal removal accounts for 80%~90% of the total.

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