Analysis of the principles of CNC machining for hardware parts processing manufacturers

(1) First rough and then refined. The processing procedures of the entire workpiece should be rough machining first, and semi-finishing, finishing, and finishing machining followed. Quickly cut off the margin during rough machining, and ensure accuracy and surface roughness during finishing. For parts that are prone to deformation, due to the possibility of deformation after rough machining, the shape needs to be corrected, so the rough and finishing processes need to be separated.

(2) First, then second. The main surfaces such as the work surface and assembly surface of the workpiece are processed first, and then the secondary surfaces are processed.

(3) Introduction to hardware parts processing manufacturers, first benchmarks before others. The machining of the workpiece generally starts from the fine datum, and then uses the fine datum to position and process other major and secondary surfaces. For shaft parts, the center hole is generally processed first.

(4) Face first and then hole. For box and bracket parts, the plane should be processed first, and then the holes should be processed. The plane is large and flat, which is stable and reliable as a reference, and it is easy to ensure the position accuracy of the hole and the plane.

(5) Process concentration. Process concentration is to concentrate the processing of the workpiece in a few processes. This can increase productivity; reduce the number of workpiece clamping times and ensure the position accuracy between surfaces; reduce the number of tool changes and shorten the processing assistance time; reduce the number of CNC machine tools and operators.

(6) Analysis of hardware parts processing manufacturers, first the inner cavity and then the shape. The inner cavity is processed first and clamped by the shape; then the outer shape is processed and clamped by the hole in the inner cavity.