Alps Alpine module for auto 5G

Alps Alpine module for auto 5G

Used in combination with V2X systems giving vehicles the capability to communicate and interact with everything around them, such as road infrastructure, other vehicles and pedestrians, 5G is expected to contribute to greater sophistication of IVI (In Vehicle

Infotainment); for example, real-time integration of traffic conditions into navigation applications and instant downloading of high-definition video to watch on a cabin Display.

It will also spur integration of IoT technology that will improve the efficiency of car maintenance and inspections by keeping an eye on the condition of a vehicle via a range of different sensors.

There are calls for automotive communication systems that make use of V2X systems and 5G technology to be quickly established.

The  UMNZ1 series is compliant with 3GPP(m Release 15.

By suppressing heat generation and employing an original structure for greater dissipation of heat inside systems after mounting, module performance is maximized at all times.

Stability of the customer’s mounting process is also made possible with an original automotive-grade product design achieved by controlling the module’s flatness.

The module has compatibility with the varying frequencies used by specifications worldwide, helping to reduce the development workload for customers.

Shipments of module samples began in March and soon customers will be using the Modules to advance social implementation of next-generation communication solutions based on V2X systems and 5G.

The module with a built-in V2X protocol stack and has been involved in interoperability testing in China, as well as ongoing demonstration testing within Wuxi’s designated C-V2X zone.

The UMNZ1 Series is intended for global use outside China.

Compatible with frequency variations among countries, the module also has optional compatibility with DSDA devices, supporting a wide range of uses.