Accelerating the localization of large silicon wafers, Xi’an Yisiwei Materials completed the B round of financing

Recently, Xi’an Yisiwei Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” Yisiwei Material”) completed the B round of financing, with a financing amount of over 3 billion yuan. Yida Capital, Zhongwei Capital, China Life Equity and other institutions participated in the investment, and the old shareholders Core Kinetic Energy and Sanxing Capital made additional investment, and Light Source Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor. The financing will be used to expand the production capacity of Yiswei Materials.

The integrated circuit industry is a strategic and basic industry that supports economic and social development. Silicon wafer is an indispensable material for chip manufacturing, and 12-inch (300 mm) large silicon wafer is the core material with the largest demand, the highest cost ratio and low localization rate among chip materials. As of 2020, 95% of this material is still imported.

Iswell Materials is currently one of the few semiconductor material companies in China that can produce 12-inch large silicon wafers. In response to the demand for silicon wafers in the advanced micro-nano manufacturing process of integrated circuits, ESW Materials optimizes advanced equipment and processes, combines the highest-level clean room design and production control, and manufactures dislocation-free, native defect-free, ultra-flat and excellent nano-topography. 12-inch silicon wafer. The design capacity of Yiswei Materials Xi’an No. 1 factory is 500,000 pieces/month. The products are polished wafers and epitaxial wafers, mainly used for logic chips (Logic), flash memory chips (3D NAND & Nor Flash), dynamic random access memory chips (DRAM), image sensors (CIS), Display driver chips (Display Driver IC), etc. .

At present, the demand for chips such as the Internet of Things, automotive intelligence, and 5G is growing rapidly, and the global shortage of chips and materials is still severe, which brings new opportunities for the development of upstream industries such as integrated circuit silicon wafers in my country.

Yang Xinyuan, CEO of Xi’an Yisiwei Material Technology Co., Ltd., said: ” Yisiwei’s 12-inch silicon wafer products have reached the world’s advanced level in terms of single crystal quality, distortion quality, particle control and pollution control, and dozens of polished and epitaxial wafers. More than ten fab customers at home and abroad have been imported, and this financing will be used to further expand production capacity and meet the needs of more customers.”

Fang Hao, general manager of CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd., said: “Semiconductor-grade silicon wafers are the cornerstone of the development of the integrated circuit industry. The self-sufficiency rate of 12-inch silicon wafers in my country is relatively low. ESV Materials is a high-quality semiconductor-grade silicon wafer enterprise in China. The company is willing to work together with the Yiswei team to dedicate to the industrialization development and technology improvement of 12-inch semiconductor-grade silicon wafers.”

Zheng Xuanle, founder and CEO of Light Source Capital, said: “The 12-inch large silicon wafer has become the mainstream of the industry, and it is also the ‘neck’ link of China’s integrated circuit industry. ESV Materials has an experienced technical team and operation management team, and has achieved global Large-scale mass production of leading products. Light Source Capital is honored to accompany Yisiwei materials to grow together and create a great cause with a bright heart!”

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