A new era of intelligent computing power ZTE releases a new generation of G4X servers

On April 22, ZTE held a new server product launch conference and officially launched a new generation of ZTE server products based on Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable processors (Ice Lake series). The two new products released by ZTE, including the ZXCLOUD R5300 G4X general-purpose server and the R5500 G4X large storage server, have the characteristics of extreme performance, flexible expansion, stability and reliability, and simplified operation and maintenance, and will provide strong computing power for the digital transformation of thousands of industries. force support.


  Extreme performance breaks the bottleneck of CPU computing power

ZTE G4X server, using the latest Intel? Xeon? The third-generation scalable processor, dual-channel supports up to 80 cores, provides super general computing power; provides 16 channels, 32 memory slots, the memory speed is increased to 3200MT/s, and supports Intel’s latest generation Optane TM 200 Serial persistent memory. More importantly, G4X series servers have built-in 4~8 heterogeneous computing intelligent acceleration engines, which can flexibly schedule various heterogeneous computing resources according to different application scenarios to achieve the best combination of computing power, such as CPU+GPU , CPU+FPGA, meet the artificial intelligence, image processing, industrial control and other scenarios, and maximize the computing potential.

  Flexibility and flexibility to respond to different application scenarios

ZTE G4X server, based on modular design and unified software platform, has flexible expansion capabilities, and can match the differentiated requirements of different application scenarios through on-demand configuration. For example, R5300 G4X can be configured with 41 2.5″ bays or 20 3.5″ bays + 4 2.5″ bays to provide large-capacity storage; support 28 NVMe SSDs, provide high-speed I/O interfaces, and solve hard disk access in traditional solutions Slow bottleneck; up to 8 T4 GPUs or 4 A100 GPUs can be configured to provide extreme heterogeneous computing power.

  Rock solid for business continuity

ZTE G4X server inherits the “CT” gene of ZTE server, and always adheres to high carrier-grade standards and zero defects in design, production, testing, inspection and other links. Compared with the previous generation server, the new generation server has carried out multiple optimizations in motherboard layout, power module layout, heat dissipation, etc. For example, through the symmetrical design of the motherboard, the heat dissipation layout is improved, the air volume is distributed on demand, and the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 30%; the power module Avoid the thermal shadow area, reduce the working environment temperature of the power supply by 5 degrees, and greatly improve the working reliability of the power supply module; through intelligent heat dissipation management, real-time monitoring of the temperature of each key component, intelligent adjustment of the fan speed, reduce vibration and noise, improve Equipment reliability.

 Minimalist operation and maintenance reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance

ZTE G4X server, through the intelligent network management Uniview and the automatic operation and maintenance suite Unikits, realizes the remote, automatic and intelligent management of server operation and maintenance, which greatly improves the efficiency of server opening and reduces the difficulty and cost of operation and maintenance. Uniview is a unified management of IT hardware management for data centers, which can manage ZTE servers and third-party servers and other IT equipment at the same time. Based on big data and AI, Uniview supports “black box” rapid fault location and one-key fault analysis. Through the analysis of data such as performance and logs, failures can be predicted in advance and equipment failure rates can be reduced. Unikits realizes the automation, batching and remoteization of server installation, configuration firmware upgrade, and daily inspection, which greatly improves the efficiency of server provisioning and meets the needs of rapid business online.

Facing the digital transformation of the industry, ZTE is committed to becoming a “road builder” in the digital economy, and continuously improving its three core capabilities, “product hard power”, “technological innovation”, and “ecological cohesion”, in product development, production, The supply chain and after-sales services have been prepared to provide nuclear “new” kinetic energy for the digital transformation of thousands of industries.


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