9 cavities 420ml thin wall container mould supplier

Sino Mould is specialized in manufacturer pail, bucket, thin wall container mould multi-cavities mould.We have made 9 cavities 420ml thin wall container mould, we put this mould on Sino-PM 300Ton hybrid moulding machine injection,cycle time is only 4s.
The container Bottom thickness is 0.5mm,
Container side thickness is 0.65mm
Weight 10g.
Mould steel S136
Besides we have made container mould in 250ml,500ml,1liter,2liter,5liter,10liter,18liter,20liter with in mould label .
We offering high speed injection mould, it will be great for production.

If you’re interested in this product,pls kindly contact with me.

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Author: Chris Na

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