5G new infrastructure is in full swing, and the important device quartz crystal is going to be out of stock?

On March 23, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on deepening the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services”, promoting the “Internet +” action, and promoting “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” to support the expansion of employment. At the meeting, the “hot word” new infrastructure was mentioned again, expressing the need to strengthen the construction of new infrastructure including 5G, data centers, and industrial Internet. There is an increasing number of presentations and data reports online about the significant opportunities 5G builds out.

However, in the process of 5G in full swing, there is one device that may be dragging its feet. It is a quartz crystal.

Crystal oscillator is generally called crystal resonator, which is the abbreviation of Quartz Crystal Oscillator. Mainly used for stabilization and frequency selection. The crystal oscillator and the clock chip together form the clock generator of the motherboard. The clock signal of most components on the motherboard is provided by the clock generator. The clock generator is the core of the motherboard clock circuit, just like the heart of the motherboard.

Three advantages of quartz crystal oscillator for upgrading 5G network:

1. Instantaneous response. In addition to the ability to transmit more data per unit of time, 5G can greatly reduce the wait time before data begins to be transmitted.

2. Brand new application. The spread of 5G networks will bring technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality into the mainstream. Among them, augmented reality can project information including travel direction, product price, or the name of the other party into the user’s field of vision, such as on the front windshield of a car. Virtual reality can create a completely virtual scene within the user’s field of vision, and both virtual reality and augmented reality have extremely high requirements for data acquisition speed.

3. Instant gratification. The fastest download speed under the 4G network is about 150MB per second, but the fastest download speed on the 5G network reaches 10GB per second. In other words, we downloaded Guardians of the Galaxy in just 4 seconds, compared to 6 minutes on 4G.

Immediacy and innovation are both important characteristics of 5G’s unleashing potential, so the importance of quartz crystal oscillators is self-evident.

The mainland agent of Taiwan Crystal Technology said: “The demand and production capacity of crystal oscillators have been increasing. Driven by 5G and factors such as rising raw material prices, the price of some crystal oscillator products has increased by 10%-15% this year, including thermal Crystal oscillators and temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, etc.; and due to the impact of the epidemic, the current delivery cycle of crystal oscillators has been extended to 4-6 weeks compared with the previous 3 weeks, and the production capacity of the entire industry is still relatively tight.” The domestic quartz crystal oscillator manufacturer Whalen Crystal It was also disclosed in the survey that the price of the company’s device products (TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator, TSX thermal crystal) has begun to increase slightly for different customers, and the increase rate is about 15%-25%.

According to the current industry public opinion trend, 5G construction and consumption popularization will further accelerate. The forecast data of 5G network equipment, fixed wireless services and 5G mobile phones by analysis institutions shows that the network equipment with the lowest compound annual growth rate will still reach 59.3% from 2020 to 2025. %. If this continues, there may be a situation where crystal oscillators are hard to find on the market in the near future.

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