3D printed guns seized for the first time in New Zealand

 New Zealand police recently seized 3D printed guns at a gang station in western Auckland.

According to local media reports, it is a semi-automatic pistol caliber carbine, designed and manufactured by an anonymous European online character. The designer’s name also appears on the firearm. The gun is mainly composed of 3D Printing elements, but requires some metal parts to operate. This is the first time 3D printed homemade firearms have been seized in the local area. Regarding the controversial 3D printed guns, there are opinions that these products are less dangerous and will not pose a major threat. Actually overseas, actual guns are more difficult to obtain. According to recent news, the situation may be different in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

In May last year, Australia seized two 3D printed submachine guns, stolen luxury cars and explosives, and arrested two men during a raid on the manufacture and supply of prohibited guns. Earlier this year, NSW police seized two 3D printed submachine guns, three standard guns and 28 explosives.  

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