24V input DC-DC step-down converters deliver 750W in a 1/16th brick footprint

TDK Corporation has introduced the 750W rated TDK-Lambda i7A series of non-isolated buck DC-DC converters, packaged in an industry-standard 1/16th brick footprint. The output voltage of these 24V nominal input step-down converters can be adjusted from 3.3V to 18V with a maximum current of 45A.

The models can be employed to obtain extra high-power outputs from a 24VDC power supply at a more economical cost and higher efficiency than isolated DC-DC converters. These very compact products are ideal for robotics, drones, industrial, medical, test, measurement and portable battery-powered equipment.

Efficiencies of up to 98.5% dramatically reduce internal losses and enable the device to function in ambient temperatures of -40C to +125C, even with low airflow conditions. The design offers a low output ripple and great response to dynamic loads. A minimum of external components are needed, compared to discrete solutions, saving cost and PCB space.

A selection of three mechanical configurations is available, measuring just 34mm wide by 36.8mm in length. The 11.5mm high open-frame Model is ideal for applications needing a low profile. The baseplate version can be conduction-cooled to a cold plate and is 12.7mm high. Models with an integral heatsink for convection or forced air cooling are 24.9mm high.

The device standard features comprise output voltage adjustment, + remote sense, remote on-off (positive or negative logic available), input under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. Evaluation boards are available.

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